• Saturday Ride. Sierra Madre - Bonelli Loop. Surprise!
  • Big Bike Week - Day 4 - Crystal Lake
  • Big Bike Week - Day3. Cloudburst
  • Pasadena Sprint Triathlon
  • Rose Bowl Half Marathon
  • Sunday Beginner Ride. Hill Repeats along Arroyo Seco.
  • Surf City Half Marathon
  • River Trail Ride
  • Hollywood! Griffith Park Ride Report.
  • Sunday Beginner Ride. Hill Intervals
  • PTC Club Meeting - January 2015
  • PTC End of Year Party 2014
  • PTC at LA Rock N Roll Half Marathon
  • PTC Club Championship at Bonelli's Olympic Triathlon
  • Sunday Swims
  • PTC at VELO Sports Center (VeloDrome)
  • Saturday Coached Ride
    On the Saturday Coached ride we focus on riding together as a group with one of the club's more experienced cyclists as a lead. The goal is to get a great workout, build group riding skills and create an opportunity for more levels of riders to get out on Saturdays with the club.



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PTC Club Meeting – April

PTC Club Meeting. Hosted at CENTRIC in Sierra Madre. April 2015. All those going to IRONMAN St. George Utah 70.3 in 2 weeks, raise your hand! Centric’s Brandon Heflin tossed out swag to the crowd and shared all about CENTRIC’s product and services for the Club. CENTRIC’s Michael Hagler.   Elizabeth, PTC Race Director, shared […]

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Ride Report: Sierra Madre to Back side of GMR

54.1 miles, 3:33 moving time, 4,137 ft elevation, 102 suffer score, 44 trophies, 160 W power, 1,813 kJ work, 245 training load. [This is a re-post from Joe’s Blog.] Pasadena Tri Club Saturday Ride. It was a kind of race rehearsal for Ironman St. George 70.3, which is a hilly course (2500 ft of climbing). […]

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Transition Brick

Transition Brick = Bike – Run – Bike – Run – Bike – Run… [This is a repost from Joe’s Blog] The Transition Brick is a chance to practice getting into and out of your bike stuff. It give you the fun of feeling what it’s like to run, after a ride. Different muscles are involved. […]

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PTC Brick #3. Erin’s Loop.

18.7 miles, 1:12 moving time, 1,558 ft elevation, 42 suffer score, 181 W weighted avg power, 726 kJ work, 18 trophies [Re-post from Joe’s Blog] Michel, Mike, Lisa, Peter, Sebastian, Travis, Brian, Joel, and me. Not pictured: Bill and Eugene were seconds late. MikeK caught up with us too. Sebastian and Peter told glory stories […]

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Ride Report: Cogswell Dam

41.1 miles, 2:33 moving time, 2,287 ft elevation, 80 suffer score, 163 W ave power, 1,391 kJ work, 17 trophies [Re-post from Joe’s Blog] Sunny warm morning to ride to Cogswell Dam. The Club met at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. Friend, Derek, Joe, Brent, Rob, GT, Steve, Gregg, Peter, Dave, Amy, Haroon, Kirk, Kin, and […]

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PTC Brick #2. Descanso – Hampstead – St. Katherine – Glen Oaks

19.3 miles, 1:21 moving time, 1,644 ft elevation, 44 suffer score, 172 W, 755 kJ Work, 105 Training load [Re-post from Joe’s Blog] PTC Brick started at 5:30pm. It’s still early for many folks to make it. One warm up loop around the bowl then we hit the hills around Pasadena. High road to Descanso. […]

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PTC Brick #1. Rose Bowl Loop + Arroyo to SoPas

Brick = Bike + Run [This is a re-post from Joe’s blog] Bike: 19.2 miles, 689 ft elevation, 1:02 hr moving time, 36 suffer score, 8 trophies. Run: 3.6 miles, 125 ft elevation, 38:17 moving time, 54 suffer score. We re-started the brick after the time change. Starting at 5:30pm gives us just enough light […]

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Pasadena Sprint Triathlon – Starting line video clips

Here’s the starting line clips for the first three waves. Duathlon and 5k start. Look for Bill Traux and Ryan in the front. Look for Bill Bentz in the front. Yuri is right behind him. Look for Kelsey and Philip in the front, and Lisa! You can’t miss here in the PTC Kit.

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March Club Meeting

PTC Club Meeting Location: VELO Pasadena Kit Fit with Champion Systems. Brian Gilmore Raflle winner: $50 VELO Pasadena, Henry Raffle winner: Pre-Paid Month at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. $65, Elizabeth, Selena Special Sale at VELO: 30% one night only on Tri gear, cycling shoes, nutrition. Bricks coming this Spring. Starting in March on Thursday nights […]

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32.2 miles, 2:41:55 moving time, 3,579 ft elevation, 8 trophies. [Re-post from Joe’s blog] Forecast was 50% rain, which in LA scares off some riders. We had a nice steady group for the Resolution Route, which is a circuit around Pasadena, climbing every hill around town. The ride started at Jones coffee, and rode east […]

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