54.3 miles, 3:15 moving time, 2,205 elevation, 18 trophies

Ride started at Starbucks in Sierra Madre. We rolled east and picked up another crew of riders at Encanto Park in Duarte. We rolled down the San Gabriel River Trail and zoomed across the Santa Fe Dam. We rolled east along Arrow Hwy and Gladstone to San Dimas. We made half the Bonelli Loop and got shut down. There was a skate board event. So, we flipped it. We entered the parade in San Dimas and waved to the crowd, elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist-wrist.

Don’t miss the Video Clips below

Ramsey, Peter, Fang, Ryan, Bill, Gregg, Luis, Dave, GT, Phil, Rob, Kirk, Allison, Lynda, Joe.

At Encanto: Tom, John, Rich, MikeK, MikeW, Hank, AveryDude, Anthony, Allen (Coached Ride Leader!).