65.6 miles, 5:16 time, 7,772 ft elevation, 47 Strava trophies

[Re-post from Joe’s Blog]

PTC Big Bike Week Continues. Friday, the crew rode up to Mt. Baldy, (I could sneak out of work for a whole day). Today, the crew climbed up to Cloudburst.

The weather was clear and cool. There was some wind and it got down right chilly on the descents.

The B and C groups started at 7am from Sport Chalet in La Canada. Some of the A group started at the Rose Bowl at 7:30 and some at La Canada at 7:30am. There was good size crew at the start. Since the route is an out and back, folks flipped it at different points.

The ride is straight up Hwy 2, Angeles Crest Highway. (1) Clear Creek is the first stop at mile 9. Potty, water stop and short regroup. (2) Red box is the second stop at mile 15. Potty, water stop and short regroup. Some guys flipped it here. (3) Newcombs Ranch mile 26. Foods, bikers, potty, water, and floating regrouping. (4) Cloudburst Summit 7018 ft elevation.

I rode in a moderate paced group, short re-groups. The wind was chilly, so we didn’t feel like sitting around too long. There were lots of wildflowers, birds tweeting. Moderate traffic. I heard there was an early mechanical before Clear Creek, that stretched out the B group a lot. It was a beautiful day and great ride.

Group Shot: Joel, Evan, Steve, Steve, Ryan, Marc, Luis, GT, Bob, Lynda, Charles, Rob, Valerie, Ramsey, Bill, Amy. Also there: Alvin, Joe, Philip, Ben, Jonathan, Dino, Peter, Bryan, Mike, Gregg.