[This is Luis’s Race Report]

This was my First Ironman. I’ve done a few 1/2s but never a Full. Mont-Tremblant is a beautiful place, everyone there are very friendly, but I’ll skip this part and get to the most important, race day.

Like any other race that I’ve done before, I could never seem to be able to sleep the night before, on Saturday night went to bed around 10:30 or so, my alarm was set for 4:00 am. Alarm went off and I was up, took a quick shower had breakfast ,make sure that I had everything I need for my bike and headed over to Transition to drop of my bike nutrition. After  making sure that My bike AKA ( The Beast ) was perfectly fine and good to go, I went back  to my room to pick up my wetsuit. met the rest of the Team in the hotel lobby and we all start walking to the Swim Start. 

The one thing that has always scared me about triathlons , is been the swim. I am not a good swimmer, but since I became part Of Volt and  GRA and been Coached by Two amazing Individual as Coach Scott Chaney and Mike Lucero, I no longer fear the water. 
My swim wave was at 6:48 am, unlike my other swim starts, where I started in the back, this time I decided to start at the front of the pack. I had a pretty good pace going out, I felt very comfortable. Water was a bit choppy ones you made the first turn, but that didn’t bother me. I exited the water in 1:23:58. There’s a long run from swim exit to T1. 
Got on my bike and start the long 112 miles journey, the course was a 2 loop course. The bike start very nice till the pouring rain started. Again, I felt very comfortable on the bike , I was keeping  my watts according as planned by coach Scott. The target was 140-170 watts  and no more than 200 watts on up Hills. Even though it was raining pretty hard and on the way back we had pretty strong head winds. I still manage a good bike time, or so I think. Bike time 6:35:30. I saw most of my Volt teammates and PTC on the bike course. That was very awesome. 

As I came into T2 it was so so Awesome having volunteers grabbing your bike after dismount and taking it to the bike rack. Man oh man, I felt like a PRO.!!!!! Ran to T2 and as quickly as I could got my cycling shoes off and into my running shoes. And off I go to Conquer/Complete something I’ve never done before, and that is run a Full Marathon. I felt great running off the bike, better than I do after a Half Ironman. The first loop was Great, it was so awesome seeing Coach Jeff , Cheryll and Alison from Team Volt Cheering us on!!!!….I was surprised that I was keeping a good pace, ’till the second loop around mile 17 or so. I wasn’t cramping, but my legs were hurting, I was tired and I was running out energy. At this point Gregg had already passed me and gave me some encouraging words. I started to walk and all of the sudden one of my Volt teammates, Tiffany caught up to me as well. Just as Gregg did , she also Gave me some encouraging words and let me know that the turn around point was just ahead. I made to the turn around and stopped at aid station. The rain had already stopped but I was overheating a little bit, so I grabbed water from the aid station to pour over me, ate some pretzels and drunk Coke. What do you know, that seemed to help, cuz ones again I was running. At mile 22 I could believe that I was still running. On my training runs, I was never able to go pass 20 miles, before completely hitting the wall. I continue running, ones I got to within 1 1/2 miles to go I saw Coach Scott on the side of the road, cheering me on and telling me that I was doing great and there’s was only one more Hill to go and I was done. Seeing Him gave me an extra burst of energy and I ran as fast I as I could up that short but steep hill. Looked at my Garmin and 1/2 mile to go , I couldn’t believe that I have done it, I was gonna be an IRONMAN. Made to town and to the cobblestone section of the run course. From there it was all downhill to the finish line. So many people screaming and shouting your name, best feeling Ever! I could see the Finish And I wanted to cry, all that hard work, endless training days, long and painful training rides and runs, all those hard swim workouts had payed off. The icing on the cake was hearing Mike Reilly say your name as you’re running down the finishing chute…… Luis, you’re an IRONMAN!!!!!!

This was one of the toughest Things I’ve done and one of the most amazing, wonderful and life changing things as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of Friends to do my first ironman with. Thank you to all for such an incredible experience! 
Swim ~ 1:23:58
T1: Swim-to-Bike ~ 8:28
Bike ~ 6:35:30
T2: Bike-to-Run ~ 4:28
Run ~  5:11:22 
Overall ~ 13:23:46
What I learned from this experience, is that you never know what your body can do until you push it to its limits. You’re capable of doing way more than you think you can! 
Never doubt or stopped believing in yourself……..

After the race I said that I would never do another IM again, but writing this report I can’t help but to think that I could’ve gone a bit faster , I could have pushed myself a little harder, but given that this was my first I didn’t wanna risk it. My first goal was to finished before midnight, second goal was to be able to finish in 14 to 14 1/2 Hours and I exceeded my expectations. 

Thank you to Lynda Neuman, Coach Scott Chaney and Mike Lucero, without them, this Journey would’ve  never been possible. And thanks you all My PTC teammates for making  all those long and painful training days more tolerable.
Thank you for reading. 
 Sincerely yours truly,  
                                  Luis AKA ( Mr. IRONMAN ) ???