56.7 miles, 3:31 moving time, 2,392 ft elevation gain

The Club goes on a beach trip every Fourth of July. Almost no car traffic in the morning! With a warm forecast ahead, we started at Eagle Rock on an overcast morning. We rolled through Glendale (plus Michel), Burbank (plus GT and Julie), Touluca Lake, Sherman Oaks. We climbed up Sepulveda Pass (plus Todd) and sailed down. We took a short cut through the VA property, and cruised down San Vincente to the bluffs above Santa Monica Beach. Sun started to peak out of the clouds. Perfect day for a ride. Snacks, pictures, and potty break. Then, we rolled home the same way. I peeled off in Glendale to see my Mom and Dad for 4th of July lunch.

Sven, Tiffany, GT, Marco, Bjoern, Lynda, Joe, Julie, Gregg, Paul, Michel, Todd, Bob, Mike, Cali, Amy, Bill, Emilio.

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