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Race Report – Pasadena Half Marathon

Pasadena Half Marathon Race Report

First big club race of 2019. Super well attended – 34 racers. PTC had a great crew show up and everybody raced really hard. Awesome facility warm up at Rose Bowl Locker Room thanks to the Pasadena Pacers, our friendly, cross-over, home-town buddies. THANK YOU, Pacers. Perfect weather. Finish line on the 50 yd line inside the stadium. Got an alumni pic with Joe and Joe Bruin. Breakfast at Brookside Country Club afterwards. Awesome day. Well Done. Here are the finishing the times. Impressive! This is the first leg of the February Fecta. See you at #2, Surf City Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday (both AFC and NFC championship game were doozies today. OT in both. what?!)

Tyler Long 1:22:11
Scott Chaney 1:22:11
Blake 1:32
Ryan 1:33
Rudy Quintero 1:34
Bjoern Helfer 1:34
Sven Nolte 1:36
Marco Beghin 1:39
Mark Schmidt 1:41
Theo van Joolen 1:42
Graz Casale 1:43
Alvin Hom 1:45
Mike Owen 1:48
Leanne Lowden 1:49
Yo Oshima 1:50
BarryMan 1:51
Carrie Holzman-Little 1:53
Emilio Campos 1:56
Kirk Cassidy 1:57
Helena Helfer 1:57
Justin Bird 1:58
Daryl Chol 2:04
Paul Maurin 2:06
Lynda 2:07
mike wade 2:08
Julie 2:13
GT 2:13
Joe 2:31
Neal Genda 2:44
Amilia H. (kids run)
Trevor (5k)
Nicole (5k)

Trevor, Alvin, Gregg, Lynda, Tyler, Danny, Rudy, Arden, Helena, Sven, Bjoern, Joe, Graz, Paul, Leanne, Blake, Mike, Daryl, Carrie, Marco, Julie, Christina.

l7cqa+ohqcy2od2bm3hwrwscreen shot 2019-01-20 at 8.20.46 pmw%on%9y%qx6rt1%fu+evswimg_7480x+6ynqjus2emz2+c8kmcfqcgtwsq29qt+p4dcg4ggudwfvgprvglqjmixma3nkugtq1gqazk69tjmhbydnzyqfzgrh7hlt36atukgw3sx4glagitpgsrsksrlddoosdiqybjrxyypt6spmnnrlmttfayaq7wmshsuww1wa+hp+6ga4u+rnwhxsqyay3vlnvcx1g49bptqf8sni5dhq5l7deagzajshd04s%gdnxhje84raqnclpykopqbuw+hmxfkpv5w

Body Economics Running Workshop

On a cold wintry morning, Marco led 8 PTCers through Body Economics Running Workshop. The workshop was engaging and fun. I helped out as a friendly “fly on the wall”, while the Club members got to learn about anatomy, physiology, running, breathing, cadence, and thinking. I won’t spoil all the fun, but Marco sure was a great instructor (Here for more on Marco). Link to his Body Economics Movement here. His program is usually a one – on – one course, but Marco put together this special small group program for 8 PTC members only. [When we promoted the event, it sold out over night. Then we added another 8 person workshop for next week. That one sold out in under 24 hrs too.] There were tons of tips and tricks and body awareness advise for the participants during the 2 hr workshop. There was a video session for each running,  before and after. Everyone could see what was going on before, and the improvement that happened just after the short time working out. Then, they all went out for a 30 min. run, mixed in with one-on-one time with Marco. Marco also brought a friend Costa, who also took pics and vids. If you missed it, you should ask the lucky bunnies that got to go. It was really fun, and made a lot of sense.

Thanks to Marco for putting on a great workshop. Super great value to the Club!

Marco, Costa, Bjoern, Leanne, Lisa, Carrie, Amy, Cali, Nathan, Paul.




PTC Holiday Party – 2018

Fun Times at PTC Holiday party.

Recognized 1st sprint triathlon, 1st Olympic, 1st IM 70.3, 1st Full IM. PTC Poker chips.

Recognized PTC Board: Joe (President), Lynda (Training Director, Treasurer), Alvin (Race Director), GT (Membership Director), Bob (Sponsorship), and Todd (Secretary)

Thanks to Steve for Centerpiece / Heinekin. Sue for PTC Sunglasses and cup cakes. GT: Slideshow. Julie and Amy: Raffle Leaders, hostesses. Bob: Raffle prizes.





Thank you to our awesome Sponsor for donations:

VELO Pasadena, Run with Us, Performance Bike, Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, ROKA, Xterra, Steve Mackel, Around the Cycle, Budget Pro Bikes, TriEvents,

and Members: Yo Oshiya, George Yu, Lisa Acosta, Gary Purtee

Raffle winners.


Rose Bowl Aquatic: Free Month Swim Membership


From George’s new company!


Race Registration: Legends Olympic Tri 2019


ROKA 5x $50 Gift Cards


PTC Slideshow 2018 – Year in Review

Here’s a reminder all the fun we had this year. Thanks to GT for pulling together all the photos. If you’re not in here, you should send in your finisher pictures next year for sure.

Ride Report – GMR – Mt. Baldy

48.17 miles, 3:25:55 moving time, 3,881 ft elevation gain

We club met on a cool Saturday morning in Sierra Madre. We rode across to Encanto Park and picked up a few more in Duarte. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail just a bit then turned off and rode across Sierra Madre to Glendora Mountain Road. Whew. Tired just getting to the bottom of the mountain. The gate was closed to vehicular traffic, which was really nice and quiet. Air quality was okay. We lucked out that all the wildfire smoke was blowing away from us. We rode up the big GMR grade and re-grouped at the top. I had time constraints today and flipped it at the top. Turns out I wasn’t along in the flip. The rest of the group continued on to Mt. Baldy. Bjoern shared pics of the local scorpion and the beautiful scenery at Mt. Baldy. Well Done. [PS. GO BRUINS!]



Race Report – Ironman Louisville

Ironman Louisville Race Results: 15:10:37

Swim: 0.9 mile (yeah, more on that later): 00:16:04 minutes

Bike: 112 miles. 07:59:24

Run: 26.2 miles. 06:18:48

Ironman Louisville was my second full Ironman, first was Ironman Mont Tremblant 2016 (Race Report, click here). This race had many similarities and lessons learned. Seven racers from Pasadena Triathlon Club flew out for this race. Bob, Lynda, Steve, GT, Danny, Alvin, and me (Joe). This was Steve and Bob’s first Ironman full distance. Very exciting. We had been all training together for this race and very excited about the big day. Also, in our gang was Laurie, Steve’s wife, who was a terrific sherpa and fan. Also, Coach Scott came to cheer and sherpa. Bob flew in separately from a trip on the East Coast.

We did tons of stuff before the race. Thursday to Saturday. For Pre-Race fun see post here.

Sunday: Race Day

Set Up:

Drizzles started in the early morning. Put on wetsuit up to the waist at the hotel. Hoodie and Rain coat. Morning bag. Googles, cap. Nutrition for bike and run. We walked down the transition and loaded up the nutrition on Bike. Then dropped off nutrition in Bike Bag, Run Bag. Then, dropped off Special Needs Bike Bag, and Special Needs Run Bag.

Race Start / Swim: 00:16:04 minutes

We walked along the river to a park, where we lined up by Time Split, expected swim time. It will be a rolling start, jumping into the river from the boat dock. It was drizzling and we were waiting for a long time (~1 hr) and finally heard that the swim was changed and delayed, due to a heavy current in the river. The original swim route is upstream along an island in the river, then upstream for a couple buoys, then a turn and then down stream. The current was too high for the Pros, during their practice swim. The swim was reduced to 0.9 mile swim and all down stream. Wahoo! For rolling start the men and women can line up together, and you can line up with your friends. There’s less climbing over each other. I like it a lot. So, Bob, Steve, GT, and Danny lined up at the 1:20. Lynda and I lined up at 1:30. We jumped in at ~9:00am. The water was super murky. The buoys were floating down stream with the current. The kayakers were giving conflicting directions. Some were yelling “Hard Right”. Others were yelling “Hard Left”. Other kayakers had buoys on their kayakers. It was very confusing. I just headed to bridge and then to the stairs at the Tents. It was super fast swim. 18 minutes for me. Wet suit strippers, fun. Gave the lady a hug. Fairly long run, up the ramp, over the bridge, down the stairs, around the Bag pickup, and to the changing tent. I saw Scott and Laurie. Hugs.

T1: 15:25

Due to the short swim, the changing tent was full with guys and gear, and bare butts. I got a chair near the exit and started dressing for long rainy ride. I toweled off to try to make dressing a little easier. Took off my tri shorts for cycling shorts. Cycling jersey, vest, sleeves, rain coat, full finger gloves, socks with plastic bags. Helmet with shield, beanie. Grabbed bike and set out. Still drizzling and cold.

Bike: 07:59:24

Long and hilly. Wet and cold. Rollers were relentless. Lollipop route. 10 mile ride out of town, and then two loops.

Mile 0-10. Socks and shoes didn’t work. Feet were soaked and freezing. Miserable. Stopped at Aid Station one to fix bags, but didn’t work.

Mile 24: Stopped at Special Needs Bike. Fresh socks, new bags. Worked all day long. Much much better.

Mile 50-70: Lots of crazy rollers. Relentless. Some were steep. Scenic rolling horse country. Probably really pretty when it’s not raining. Roads were open to traffic. Several times waiting for cars, who were waiting for slow riders. Risky to accelerate down and carry your momentum on the slick roads. The Bike Special Needs had tents filled with shivering riders, waiting for a ride home. The overall DNS and DNF (Did Not Start / Did Not Finish) rate was 17.9% this year. Steep steep dip and steep steep climb. First time through, there were riders walking up both sides. It was hazardous to accelerate down and carry momentum up. Lots of rider traffic there.

The rainy, cloudy day, made it hard to tell direction we were going. Many of the turns looked the same. I kept hoping I was getting to the second loop. For nutrition, I had to stop and take off my gloves and open the waffles and pills and PB&J sandwiches.

I kept taking adrenal support and BCAA pills. Overall, I didn’t have many dark moments. The pills and staying warm really kept me in a good place. But, during the dark moments, I thought, I’d really have to crash hard in order to not finish this race, but that’s a bad idea too. Overall, I had a good head space. Compared to Ironman Mont Tremblant, this is a huge lesson learned. Better nutrition and warm dressing leads to better mental state.

Mile 90-112: End of loops and headed back to town. More traffic, more rollers. Big puddles. Still raining.

T2: 20:56

Changed all my clothes. Very difficult to get wet gear off, especially wet socks off. Changing tent was a mess, but not as crowded. Fresh undies, shorts, socks and bags. Running shirt, rain coat (same as biking). Nutrition in pockets. Full hat, gloves.

Run: 06:18:48

Still raining. Surprisingly, I had more run in me than expected. I thought that I would have been worn out from the bike. But, I had a good trot in my feet for about 6 miles. Run course is a two loop course, down and back. It’s fairly straight.

Mile 0-6: Surprisingly good run. Target was 15 min/mile. Got 14’s and 13’s. Nice. I saw GT, Bob, Lynda, Steve, Alvin on the out and backs on the run. High fives. Mostly, each was fully concentrating on keeping moving forward. I kept in a surprisingly good mental state throughout the run. This was a lesson learned from IM Mont Tremblant too. Focus on the run, and don’t kick yourself about the bike. I felt I had done my best on the bike that I could and it so, there was no regrets there.

Mile 7 – 13: Fast walking. Targeting 15 min/mile.

At the turn around, you loop around a few streets downtown and end up on Fourth Street Live. You can hear the crowds cheering and the announcer. Then, at the very last moment, you are split off for Lap 2. Bummer. But, I saw this at Mont Tremblant and was not as bummed this time around. Lesson Learned. Since this was a two loop course I knew it would be going back. The second loop was lonely. Very few runners. I saw Scott and Laurie cheering. I saw Alvin turning in for his finish. And unbeknownst to me, Danny was just behind me, for his finish.

Mile 14 – 20: Fast walking

When is the race cut off?

At the start of the race, they said the race cut off is 16 and 1/2 hours from the time you jump in the water. So, during the run, I ran out of gas at mile 7-ish. Since I jumped in the water at 9:01 am, I plotted a target time of 16 hrs, which I calculated at 1:00 am. I was fast walking / shuffling to keep 15 min/miles. In order to hit the time. On the second loop, at the final turn around at mile 20, I noticed there was nobody else coming up. There were very few people behind me. I asked at several runners what they thought the cut off was, but they were clueless, and tired. I asked the volunteers at the aid stations and they didn’t know. At mile 23, the aid stations said, the cut off had been set at 12:45pm. Total race cutoff. What!!!! I wasn’t going to make 3.2 miles in 45 minutes. I had to pick it up if I wanted to get a medal for this crazy race. The last aid station confirmed the 12:45 cutoff. I was so close, but would have to hit 13 min/mile pace to make it. At mile 24.5, Coach Scott was on the side of the road cheering me. He told me I had time, I could make. I pushed it hard. I was mad that they changed the cut off time and didn’t tell the runners. Geez. I ran and walked and ran and walked. I didn’t know if could make in time. All the crowds on the corners were gone by now. I was trying to make all the right turns at the end. I saw the final turn and knew I had made it with at least 1 minute to spare. The mileage was off. My Garmin had 26.0 at the end. Whew. I made it. I could see the big video board and the announcer. I stripped off my rain coat for the pictures, and soaked in the excitement of finishing.

Finish: 15:10:37

At the finisher’s chute, I saw Lynda, Danny, Steve, Laurie, and Bob. Alvin was already on his own adventure. I’ll let him tell his story. I picked up my Morning Clothes bag and changed into a dry shirt. I apologized to Coach Scott for yelling at him about the cut off time. It was definitely not his fault. We waddled back about a mile to the hotel. I got to hear all the crazy stories for Bob, Danny, Lynda, Steve and GT. I would hear Alvin’s story the next day.

Post- Race

Monday morning, Lynda went to the Awards Breakfast and picked up her AG 1st Place trophy and punched her ticket to Kona 2019. I went to find my bike (see below) and then shop at the Village for finisher merch. It was raining pretty hard and soaked us again. We went back to the hotel and packed all the wet gear for the ride home. We stuffed the gear bags and dropped them off to TriBike Transport and kissed our bikes g’bye. See ya in ~9 days in Burbank. We squeezed in a quick lunch at a great local restaurant Doc Crows. We had two flights of Bourbon and whiskey, which is the biggest thing in Louisville. Yikes! That stuff is strong. We hustled back to the hotel and then dashed off to the airport, and eventually home. There was more whiskey and lots of eating during the airport waiting and delayed flights.

Funny / Not Funny stories

A guy in a van down by the river

On Friday afternoon, I was walking back to the hotel from Ironman Village and saw a white van with a WETSUIT REPAIR in his windshield. My wetsuit had sprung two leaks, one under each arm. I figured it’d be great to get patched up before the big day. The guy Keith was pretty nice; he said it’d be $50 to patch up both places. I said I could wait, but he said he had a bunch to do and wouldn’t be available until 5:30pm. I could pick it up tonight or tomorrow morning. I got his number. I said ok, and left my wetsuit with him. Well, everyone was getting together and going to dinner at 5:15pm and so we left for an amazing dinner. I went to sleep happy. Saturday morning, the day before the race, we eat breakfast, and I get down to the Guy, In a Van, Down by the River, and the van is there, but no guy. I call and text. No answer. I wait around in the freezing cold. I figure he’s getting some coffee, he’ll be right back. I wait a half hour and nothing. I leave more urgent messages and texts. I go completely crazy waiting. I don’t know what to do, so I walk back to the hotel and quietly melt down. I wait about a half hour more and walk back to the river and look for him. He’s there and it’s a fine. But, I was completely freaked that he took my suit and the race was all over for me. I was about to go to Ironman Village and see if ROKA had any wetsuits on sale in my size. Whew.

Where’s my bike?

During the race, after the bike portion, you can designate friends to pick up your bike. You hand them a special ticket with your race bib # and it authorized them to pick up your bike from transition area. Scott volunteered to pull my bike and drop it off at transition. After the finish line, Scott says, ‘hey, can i talk to you about your bike?’ He says that when he went to pick it up, it wasn’t there. It was probably re-racked in the wrong place, but they couldn’t find it at that time, and to come back later or tomorrow morning. Or maybe, the numbers fell off in the rain and they didn’t know where to put it. I was like, ‘huh, you gotta be kidding? this is going to be a very expensive race.’ So, after the race, I was slightly freaked out. Nothing I could do about, so go to bed and look in the morning. I went down to transition right after waking up in the morning. It was there with a few other bikes. So, so happy to see my bike. I walked it across the lane to TriBike Transport and kissed it good bye. They took the pedals off and I took off the water bottles and Garmin. Whew.

[Update 11/24/18. bought the real pics on Black Friday sale.]

PTC Summer Party!

The PTC Summer Party was a blast. Special Thanks to Bob and Brigette Montes for hosting the party at their lovely home! The Saturday ride to Mt. Wilson started and ended at Casa Montes. The garage AirBnb provided showers and freshness after the ride. Kids jumped in the pool, while the adults chilled on Jamba Juice smoothies, white wine sangria, beers of all sorts, red and white wine, and Aloe GLOE! For lunch we had a Taco Truck. Carnitas, asada, pollo. Salsa Mild, Hot and HOT HOT. Apple pies, cookies. Stuffed.

We had a raffle from generous donations from our local sponsors. Scroll down for the raffle details and winners.



Raffle winners

Run with Us: Hood. Yo.


Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. 1 month free membership. Scott and Kali. Lucky Pair.


Xterra goggles: Emilio and Blake


VeloFix. Free Tune up. Helena and Todd


Xterra swim bags: Blake, Tiffany, Todd, Mike


Golden Road Aquatics. One month free membership and GRA beer. Amy.


Golden Road Aquatics. GRA Swim bag, googles, cap, and beer. Bjoern. Fits the little too.


Tri This Coaching. Free massage. Emilio.


Around the Cycle. Service Tune Up. ($60). GT with Mike


Run with Us Goodie Back Pack. Socks and stuff. Todd.


Run with Us. Special Socks. Caroline.


Helmet. David.


Run With Us. $50 Gift Cert. Helena.


*the emojis preserve the anonymity of the children. it was requested that faces of children not be posted publicly. Since this post gets out there, the emoji happy face substitutes for the real life cuteness.

Thanks again to Bob and Brigette!

Ride Report – Cool Breeze Century

112.71 miles, 7:20 moving time, 6,272 ft elevation

24 PTC riders rode the Cool Breeze Century. Most of us caravanned from Eagle Rock with Lynda’s Sprinter van and trailers and my minivan. We left the house at 5am sharp and arrived at the Registration and Start by 6am. We did the Hilly Century, which was 112 miles. There was also a Regular Century, flat, boring, don’t-even-think-Lynda-will-let-you-do-that one, and a Metric and Double Metric Century. We started a hair before 7am (sorry we missed you Kali, Scott, and Grazi. don’t worry, they all caught to us later).

Mile 0. The Start. Ojai (say “o-high”). School district building.

Gregg, Bill, Dave, Lynda, Bob, Luis, Ryan, Mike, Marco, Steve, Ben, Julie, Lindsay, Leanne, Amy, GT, Tiffany, Blake, Joe, George, Danny, Kirk. Alvin, Rich, Kimberly, Christy.


Registration. Pick up the route sheet. Just in case.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.56.35 PM



Mile 16. Casitas Pass. The first big climb up Highway 33. A view of Lake Casitas was awesome. It was warm and humid. But, sunny and beautiful. I was drenched by the time we summitted. I continued to sweat buckets throughout the day. I went through 6 big bottles, tons of electrolyte pills. Dino, Rich, Alvin, pulled Grazi up to meet us. Thanks, Alvin. Sorry, Grazi (he ducked into the restroom at the start and we left. oops.) It was good to see Rich again!


Mile 24.8. Rest Stop #1.Rincon Beach Park.

Great spread. PBJ. Bananas. Oranges. Melon. Pretzels. Granola Bars. Water. Gatorade. Bike support. Bathrooms. We would be back here later (much later) at Mile 97 for the Popsicle Stop.


We rode through the country side of Ojai, Carpenteria and Montecito. Why, hello there Ophrah, your little manse looks great.

Mile 39.4. Rest Stop #2. Manning Park. Full food, water, fruit, etc. Everything you needed. At this point. I finished off my home made PBJ’s cuz I knew they would have them later. We would be back here later (much later) at Mile 86, when my sun glasses would meet a sad filthy end.




Ride through Montecito and Santa Barbara was amazing. Beverly Hills by the Sea.


Mile 41. Second Big Climb.

Ridge rode along the top of SB was spectacular views of the city, ocean.


Ride through SB and Goleta.

Mile 65.7. Rest Stop #3. Stow Grove Park. LUNCH.

This was an idyllic big redwood grove park. It was perfect for lunch. Huge food spread. ICE COLD SODA ($1 uncharge, thanks Tiffany, Amy!).


Kali and Scott caught up to us.



Mile 76. Yup. 24 riders still hanging together. Fun Times at the Coast. Cliff Road, Santa Barbara.


Along the water front in SB. State Street.


(Mile 86. RS#4. Lost sunglasses. Danny confirmed they fell out of my jersey and into a porta-potty. Time for new glasses).

Ride along the coast through SB and Carpenteria was great. I was getting tired though.

Mile 79.2. RS#5 Popsicle Stop. This was the best.


We rode on the bike path right next to Highway 101 and the beach. AWESOME.


Mile 112. Finish line.

They had okay food BBQ tofu, pork, potato salad, cole slaw, ice tea and lemonade.  But, the best was the Showers. omg. That felt great. They had an adjacent school property open for bathrooms and 2 showers. That was nice.

Mile 113. Dinner. We caravanned to Cafe Fiero, in downtown Ventura. Cheers! Many stories were told. Fun times.


This was my first time riding Cool Breeze. It’s the same day as my daughter’s birthday, every year. Since she started college last week, I was able to make it. and It’s great. Wonderful Ride. Well organized and supported!


Ride Report – Fourth of July Beach Ride

56.7 miles, 3:31 moving time, 2,392 ft elevation gain

The Club goes on a beach trip every Fourth of July. Almost no car traffic in the morning! With a warm forecast ahead, we started at Eagle Rock on an overcast morning. We rolled through Glendale (plus Michel), Burbank (plus GT and Julie), Touluca Lake, Sherman Oaks. We climbed up Sepulveda Pass (plus Todd) and sailed down. We took a short cut through the VA property, and cruised down San Vincente to the bluffs above Santa Monica Beach. Sun started to peak out of the clouds. Perfect day for a ride. Snacks, pictures, and potty break. Then, we rolled home the same way. I peeled off in Glendale to see my Mom and Dad for 4th of July lunch.

Sven, Tiffany, GT, Marco, Bjoern, Lynda, Joe, Julie, Gregg, Paul, Michel, Todd, Bob, Mike, Cali, Amy, Bill, Emilio.

fullsizeoutput_133f1lJF19YE3TreO71OQmZOhVAcWhb%utaTMGO81HWJUomjgqzjpPdEDRUi3yH7ttYY1UQEk87r+izQoiqI6kCMAO2DAy4vvUcTsQfuuY824WtQ9IQMS0QF4ibQ5WMYymii2zTLQC8Ju3qiWSy6Bo8bVnBqUHwo1MfM1+qSYm5ZPfmYus9qAQgRGh4swTkSYGZjnNNkmFQl3Or7aujRN6528neJDghqANO%r+fpURQe5BG4HlfHzqwdWjb3gdzSHSHjpSUxqOEBgq8a9JUnMQ1WaMAu+cAmauggYfqk7fbSrqAU4PvFFIp2QScreen Shot 2018-07-04 at 5.52.16 PM

Brick Report

15.6 miles, 1:20 time, 1,234 ft elevation. Wed, April 18, 2018, 6pm.

Allen’s Recap of Wednesday’s Brick

We had 17 folks attend the brick yesterday.  The bowl was a bit more packed than usual with many recreational riders.  As we passed a small group with their kids, one of them said “Hey, Tour de France.”  Not sure if she was mocking us or if it was because we were fairly organized riding in a double-paceline.  By the way, double-paceline means just that, please stop half-wheeling people in front of you.  If for whatever reason the lead rider veers into you (your fault!) you are taking down a lot of other riders behind you.
A few familiar faces that attended yesterday; Deanna, Steve L and Hank (his 1st PTC event this year).  MIA – Haroon.  Joe, where are the pics? [see below, added by joe]
Thanks to Gregg for pacing the group.  After one social lap a few of us headed up the normal route.  We managed to almost get to the top of Lida on lap 2, before Peter Day et al caught us.  Good job!
I noticed most people got back to the cars and ran together.  Amy thanks for running with me. 😉
Please plan having pizza after the Brick on May 9th.  Also, there were a few requests about having dinner after the brick, any interest?

Dave, Gregg, Allen, Amy, GT, Julie


Mark, Steve, Deanna, Hank, Felippe. Also, Peter, Joe, Alvin, Bob, Kirk, Graziano.

IMG_0848IMG_0849IMG_0850IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0854Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.32.01 PM