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“As a beginner triathlete, I had no idea how great it would be to be in a club with athletes of all levels. The experienced triathletes are so helpful! It’s also great to meet veteran and new members at social events and races!” – Anne F.

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PTC Club Meeting. Oct 2, 5:30pm @ Velo Pasadena

Please join the PTC Club Meeting. Mark your calendars. Sunday, Oct 2, 5:30pm. Velo Pasadena. Open to Public.

Food, Friends, Fun
– Pizza, Snacks and Drinks (wink).

Special Speakers:
– Rich Strauss (Endurance Nation).
– Peter Noyes (AC 100 finisher)

Raffle / Free Swag: (Current members eligible for raffle prizes).
– Bike Gear. Velo. Shopping Discount. Come early.
– Running shoes (Run with Us)
– Running goodie bag ($75 value). Two bags
– Velo Ink. Certificates for Personalized Bike Stickers. 5 Certs.
– Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. Swim Pass.
– Bike Tune Up. Around the Cycle.

End of Year Party – Mark your calendar
Dec 3, Sat, 6pm

Race Calendar 2017!
– Come find out what races the Club’s going to.



Start preparing for the 2016 season!

Training has begun. Don’t miss the great benefits too!

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