Pasadena Triathlon Club closed out the triathlon season with some friendly competition at the PTC Club Championship at Legends Triathlon at Bonelli Park. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day at the park. PTC parked our trailer right at the finish line to cheer our friends in.  We had lots of podium finishers! Check out the fun in the pictures.

Results here:

img_0803 img_0815 img_0817 img_0819 img_0826 img_0828 img_0833 img_0841

Pics from the Swim Start

img_0609 img_0717 img_0700 img_0696 img_0685 img_0678 img_0674 img_0671 img_0667 img_0636 img_0629 img_0625 img_0618 img_0617 img_0615 img_0614 img_0611

From the Bike, Run, and Finish

img_0724 img_0606 img_0801 img_0799 img_0792 img_0791 img_0788 img_0783 img_0778 img_0774 img_0767 img_0760 img_0757 img_0754 img_0741 img_0736 img_0731 img_0727