Pasadena Half Marathon Race Report

First big club race of 2019. Super well attended – 34 racers. PTC had a great crew show up and everybody raced really hard. Awesome facility warm up at Rose Bowl Locker Room thanks to the Pasadena Pacers, our friendly, cross-over, home-town buddies. THANK YOU, Pacers. Perfect weather. Finish line on the 50 yd line inside the stadium. Got an alumni pic with Joe and Joe Bruin. Breakfast at Brookside Country Club afterwards. Awesome day. Well Done. Here are the finishing the times. Impressive! This is the first leg of the February Fecta. See you at #2, Surf City Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday (both AFC and NFC championship game were doozies today. OT in both. what?!)

Tyler Long 1:22:11
Scott Chaney 1:22:11
Blake 1:32
Ryan 1:33
Rudy Quintero 1:34
Bjoern Helfer 1:34
Sven Nolte 1:36
Marco Beghin 1:39
Mark Schmidt 1:41
Theo van Joolen 1:42
Graz Casale 1:43
Alvin Hom 1:45
Mike Owen 1:48
Leanne Lowden 1:49
Yo Oshima 1:50
BarryMan 1:51
Carrie Holzman-Little 1:53
Emilio Campos 1:56
Kirk Cassidy 1:57
Helena Helfer 1:57
Justin Bird 1:58
Daryl Chol 2:04
Paul Maurin 2:06
Lynda 2:07
mike wade 2:08
Julie 2:13
GT 2:13
Joe 2:31
Neal Genda 2:44
Amilia H. (kids run)
Trevor (5k)
Nicole (5k)

Trevor, Alvin, Gregg, Lynda, Tyler, Danny, Rudy, Arden, Helena, Sven, Bjoern, Joe, Graz, Paul, Leanne, Blake, Mike, Daryl, Carrie, Marco, Julie, Christina.

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