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Saturday Ride Report – Cogswell Dam

33.9 miles, 2,110 ft elevation, 2:08 hrs

With some time constraints today, I joined the Club at the Encanto Park. Riding north along the San Gabriel River bike path, we rode up Azusa Canyon. with a brisk fall tail wind. There were lots of biking groups out today. The climbs along the dam were bright and dry. We regrouped at the Gate at Cogswell. Some call this West Fork. It’s closed to most vehicular traffic, although I caught a couple volunteer trucks along the way. The trail along the trees and creek is wonderful. A true hidden getaway. I flipped it a bit early to get home for a family reunion. Looked like Bjoern was helping Jeff with a flat.

MikeG, Tiffany, Bob, Jeff, Philip, Peter, Gregg, Alvin, DaveB, Ryan, Jonathan, Lynda, me, and Bjoern.

img_0867 img_0869 img_0870 img_0874 img_0875 img_0876 img_0877 img_0878

Club Championship at Legends Triathlon Bonelli Park

Club Championship at Legends Triathlon Bonelli Park

Pasadena Triathlon Club closed out the triathlon season with some friendly competition at the PTC Club Championship at Legends Triathlon at Bonelli Park. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day at the park. PTC parked our trailer right at the finish line to cheer our friends in.  We had lots of podium finishers! Check out the fun in the pictures.

Results here:

img_0803 img_0815 img_0817 img_0819 img_0826 img_0828 img_0833 img_0841

Pics from the Swim Start

img_0609 img_0717 img_0700 img_0696 img_0685 img_0678 img_0674 img_0671 img_0667 img_0636 img_0629 img_0625 img_0618 img_0617 img_0615 img_0614 img_0611

From the Bike, Run, and Finish

img_0724 img_0606 img_0801 img_0799 img_0792 img_0791 img_0788 img_0783 img_0778 img_0774 img_0767 img_0760 img_0757 img_0754 img_0741 img_0736 img_0731 img_0727

Club Meeting – October

Club Meeting – October

Hi Club,

Here’s the scoop on all the raffle winners. See below.

Shout out to all our great sponsors.

VELO Pasadena: $50 gift card – Rudy
Run with Us: Free Shoes – Zack J
Run with Us: $75 gift card – Peter N, Neal G (Mike pictured)
Golden Road Aquatics: 1 Month Club Pass – Mike W
RBAC: 1 month Lap Swim Pass – Sue M
VeloInk Stickers: Gail H, Peter D, Kirk C, Gregg D, Bill
ROKA swim goggles: Bjoern, Mike
ROKA swim caps: Brandon, Jason
ROKA race belts: Yas, Paul
PTC Hats, Visors: Robbie, Richard, Lynda, Rich, Mike
Around the Cycle: Bike Tune Up – Joe

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PTC Club Meeting. Oct 2, 5:30pm @ Velo Pasadena

Please join the PTC Club Meeting. Mark your calendars. Sunday, Oct 2, 5:30pm. Velo Pasadena. Open to Public.

Food, Friends, Fun
– Pizza, Snacks and Drinks (wink).

Special Speakers:
– Rich Strauss (Endurance Nation).
– Peter Noyes (AC 100 finisher)

Raffle / Free Swag: (Current members eligible for raffle prizes).
– Bike Gear. Velo. Shopping Discount. Come early.
– Running shoes (Run with Us)
– Running goodie bag ($75 value). Two bags
– Velo Ink. Certificates for Personalized Bike Stickers. 5 Certs.
– Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. Swim Pass.
– Bike Tune Up. Around the Cycle.

End of Year Party – Mark your calendar
Dec 3, Sat, 6pm

Race Calendar 2017!
– Come find out what races the Club’s going to.


Race Report – Luis at Ironman Mont Tremblant

Race Report – Luis at Ironman Mont Tremblant

[This is Luis’s Race Report]

This was my First Ironman. I’ve done a few 1/2s but never a Full. Mont-Tremblant is a beautiful place, everyone there are very friendly, but I’ll skip this part and get to the most important, race day.

Like any other race that I’ve done before, I could never seem to be able to sleep the night before, on Saturday night went to bed around 10:30 or so, my alarm was set for 4:00 am. Alarm went off and I was up, took a quick shower had breakfast ,make sure that I had everything I need for my bike and headed over to Transition to drop of my bike nutrition. After  making sure that My bike AKA ( The Beast ) was perfectly fine and good to go, I went back  to my room to pick up my wetsuit. met the rest of the Team in the hotel lobby and we all start walking to the Swim Start. 

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PTC at Ironman Mont Tremblant

PTC at Ironman Mont Tremblant

PTC had 12 racers + friends and family at Ironman Mont Tremblant, on August 21, 2016. For many, it was their first full Ironman distance. Well done, PTC!

img_9376 img_9377 img_9388 img_9433

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Intro to Triathlon Clinic – Sept 15, 7:30pm

PTC Intro to Triathlon Clinic. Next Thursday Sept 15th, 7:30pm. Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. Meet Ironman Finishers! Q&A time. Open to the public. Beginners welcome.
More details at invite link here:
100 mile Ride Report

100 mile Ride Report

100 miles, 5:52 moving time, 2,635 ft elevation gain, 20 Strava trophies.

[This is a re-post from Joe’s Blog]

Ironman training is in full swing! The group headed to IMMT called together a 100 mile training ride. Weather was iffy again, odd for sunny SoCal to be cloudy and cold in June. I was glad I wore my vest.

We started at Encanto Park and took the San Gabriel River Trail south. For a training ride, I wore my tri shorts to see how 100 miles felt in the thinner pad. Also, there was no drafting in order to get the full feel of 100 miles for yourself. Although I think some folks were awfully close to drafting. I was feeling pretty good at the start and took off to chase or at least follow Dr. Mike Webb. In Whittier, we transitioned over to the Lower Rio Hondo River Trail. The cloudy weather turned to drizzle. My front facing sides were wet and we were riding into a headwind. At mile 20, we flipped it and headed back north. The wind to our backs and the pace was decent on the way back. We got to the bridge at Encanto at mile 40 and kept going north on the bike trail and up Azusa Canyon for 5 more miles. We flipped it and headed back to Encanto, where I took a potty stop and refueled at my car. When I was ready to go, Lynda pulled in and we took off together for the second lap. By the time we were back in Whittier at the Lower Rio Hondo Trail, the drizzle was a light shower. The trail was fully soaked and kicking up spray. At the turn around, I was soaked from head to toe, just dripping. Allison and Amy rode by me and Lynda. We rode with them for a bit and Amy got a flat. I wasn’t much help with the deep dish and long stem tubes. Lynda saved the day with a tighter grip on the extender and fully loaded cartridge (and an 80mm stem just in case). The last 15 up and 5 back were a bit wearing, but the drizzle fizzled out and I dried off by the end. Whew! Big Day and felt great.

Tyler, Deana, Joe, Lynda, Amy, Mandy (Photographer Craig), GT, Lura, Luis, Bryan, Trevor, Peter, Ben, Mike, Allison

IMG_6811 IMG_6812IMG_6824 IMG_6823 IMG_6819 IMG_6818 IMG_6816 IMG_6815 IMG_6813  Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 3.48.55 PM

Ride Report – La Tuna Canyon

40.2 miles, 2:36 moving time, 2,917 ft elevation, 19 Strava trophies

[This is a re-post from Joe’s Blog]

After a PTC MAN last week, this week’s ride was shorter and more manageable. The Club met at Jones Coffee and headed west. While rolling through Old Town Pasadena, we usually cross over the old Colorado Street Bridge. But today, it was closed for a jumper. After snaking around, we rolled west through the foothills in Eagle Rock, and northwest through  Glendale, and Burbank. We turned east climbed up the La Tuna Canyon. The weather was perfect all day. Not hot, nor cold, just a perfect day in LA. The descent was great drafting at 30+ mph and not even pedaling. We climbed up Linda Vista and Arbor to return to Jones.

IMG_6602 Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.42.32 PM IMG_6619 IMG_6616 IMG_6612 IMG_6610 IMG_6606 IMG_6604