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Brick Report

15.6 miles, 1:20 time, 1,234 ft elevation. Wed, April 18, 2018, 6pm.

Allen’s Recap of Wednesday’s Brick

We had 17 folks attend the brick yesterday.  The bowl was a bit more packed than usual with many recreational riders.  As we passed a small group with their kids, one of them said “Hey, Tour de France.”  Not sure if she was mocking us or if it was because we were fairly organized riding in a double-paceline.  By the way, double-paceline means just that, please stop half-wheeling people in front of you.  If for whatever reason the lead rider veers into you (your fault!) you are taking down a lot of other riders behind you.
A few familiar faces that attended yesterday; Deanna, Steve L and Hank (his 1st PTC event this year).  MIA – Haroon.  Joe, where are the pics? [see below, added by joe]
Thanks to Gregg for pacing the group.  After one social lap a few of us headed up the normal route.  We managed to almost get to the top of Lida on lap 2, before Peter Day et al caught us.  Good job!
I noticed most people got back to the cars and ran together.  Amy thanks for running with me. 😉
Please plan having pizza after the Brick on May 9th.  Also, there were a few requests about having dinner after the brick, any interest?

Dave, Gregg, Allen, Amy, GT, Julie


Mark, Steve, Deanna, Hank, Felippe. Also, Peter, Joe, Alvin, Bob, Kirk, Graziano.

IMG_0848IMG_0849IMG_0850IMG_0852IMG_0853IMG_0854Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 4.32.01 PM

Ride Report – Newcombs Ranch (or Mt. Wilson)

Mt. Wilson: 37.3 miles, 3:13 time, 4.642 ft climbing

Gregg led the Club ride from La Canada Flintridge to Newcombs Ranch, 56 miles. I had time constraints and took a shorter detour to Mt. Wilson, 37 miles. The morning was clear sunny skies and slightly cool. Perfect weather for climbing on Angeles Crest Highway.

MikeW, JeffB, Gregg, Rob, Bjoern, Joe . Graziano and Emilio got a late start but caught up to us at Clear Creek. We rode up to Red Box. Some of split off and went right up to Mt. Wilson, some flipped it and went back down, some went on to Newcombs.

IMG_0793IMG_0794IMG_0795IMG_0797IMG_0798IMG_0799IMG_0800IMG_0801IMG_0810IMG_0812IMG_0813IMG_0815Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.30.58 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.31.13 PM

Post- Race – Ironman Oceanside 70.3

After the race, Alvin and Kelly hosted the Post-Race PTC Party. We had pasta, salads, soup, desserts, beers and sodas. It was great to see the spouses, SO’s, cheerleaders, and kids too. Fun times telling the stories from the full day of racing. Thanks to Lynda, Gregg, and Alvin for setting up the party! Fun times. It was Bob’s birthday over the weekend and also Jessica’s birthday too, Alvin’s older daughter. Candles in the chocolate cake!


MikeO and family. Yes. Those are the triplets!


Race Report – Ironman Oceanside 70.3

Race Day Results. Good job, guys. Well done. This is a seriously hard race. Congratulations to all the finishers. My race report with gory details below. Big thanks to Julie, Jacqui and Lori for taking pics during the race and sharing them with me! Here’s the important numbers, in order.


Sebastian Kouladjian: 4:40:50 (8th AG! World Champs Qualifier!)

Bjoern Helfer: 5:04:41 (1st 70.3! Quite a debut.)

Peter Day: 5:06:37

Jeff Ku: 5:27:07

Steve Mackel: 5:31:42

Felipe Sanchez: 5:32:43

Rudy Quintero: 5:36:39

Sven Nolte: 5:40:20

GT Erguiza: 5:43:30

Danny Perez: 5:51:58

Charles Yeh: 5:54:31

Gregg Doyle: 5:58:40

Danny Keshishian: 5:59:55

Alvin Hom: 6:00:19

Steve Lis: 6:03:44

Glenn Gorham: 6:06:05

Barry Plaga: 6:08:04

Tiffany Burkett: 6:09:50

Matt Burkett: 6:13:38

Deanna Hudgins: 6:13:50

Eugene Chun: 6:17:55

Mike Owen: 6:18:54

Mark Gibbs: 6:24:18

Lynda Neuman: 6:49:57 (1st in AG)

Bob Montes: 6:58:34

Ramsey Fuentes: 7:00:36

Rob Wright: 7:09:37

Joe Wong: 7:24:25 (last but not least…)

My Race Report

Lynda, Gregg, Rob, SteveL and I walked down from the hotel to transition at 5:15am and set up in transition. I laid out all my stuff and then got body marked. I usually look for the cutest volunteer and take selfie, but this one didn’t work out. Then, I roamed around transition and took pictures with our PTC friends.

MikeO, SteveL, GT, SteveM, Deanna, Lynda, Rudy. Coach Scott was there to cheer us on.

Swim: 39:25

Rolling Start. I love the rolling start. This worked so well. The deal is that you self-seed, based on your expected swim time (for 1.2 miles). It’s much like the line up at a marathon. I wiggled into the line in the 35-40 minutes Wave. When our wave was ready for warm up, I jumped in water off to the right side of the ramp. I got my goggles wet and got some water into my suit. Water was cold 62F, but manageable. The ROKA Thermal hood and Blue Seventy Thermal Swim Socks worked great. Our preview swim in Long Beach a few weeks ago was 55-60F. Five swimmers entered the water every five seconds. It spreads out the crowd. We all swam the same speed and in the same direction. I never got crawled over or kicked. It was great. The swim out went fine. The swim back was very difficult to see the buoys, with the sun right in our eyes. I followed the rocks on the jetty, until we got to the dock and then we done. I was so happy it was over.

T1: 8:08

Bike stuff on. I decided that the sun was out. Didn’t need a vest or sleeve. This worked out fine. Sunny with high clouds. As I exited T1, I have them add sunscreen around my shoulders and neck. Perfect.

Bike: 3:25

Bike was HARD. The first half miles 1 – 33 were fine. We’ve seen the beach roads along San Onofre on our Thanksgiving Ride from Anaheim to Solana Beach, just in the opposite direction. Then, the bike course crosses over the freeway and it went all Mountain Crazy! You can’t preview the course ever, because it’s on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base. So, this was my first time seeing the hills. I was warned it was challenging course, and they weren’t kidding. There were rollers and there were HILLS. Hill #1 was long and steep 12-13%. Hill #2. Hill #3. I knew they were coming, but it took a lot of energy to get over those hills. On the descents, I tucked in aero and tried to put in the target watts, but it was a losing on the energy conservation battle. I kept on nutrition and hydration. Pack of pills every hour. I actually drank a lot. Finished my feed bottle and torpedo bottle by mile 40. I refilled at Aid Station #2. When I finally rolled back to transition, I was so happy to be done riding.

T2: 6:02

Nothing of note. Just decided to take off the tri top and run in a dry tech T. Much more comfortable. The clouds had come back and cooled off the route just right. No complaints here!

Run: 3:05

I had zero-to-very-little left in the tank after that bike. I walked / ran. My ghost friend (who’s requested to remain un-named) yelled my name at the 1st turn, at which I jumped out of my skin and started running! The run was a 2 loop course with out and back fashions. So, I saw all my friends on their second loop as I was starting out. Sven, Eugene, SteveM, SteveL, Lynda, GT, Deanna, Peter. There was a great cheer crowd at the Volt Tent. Todd and Amy were at the Pier cheering too!

I finished just a head of Rob. His wife Jacui was so excited. She took some great shots of Rob, who had finished his first Ironman 70.3. Well done everyone.

I’m not surprised at the run results. I suffered from not training enough on hilly rides. I also didn’t train enough runs. My runs were hampered with allergies and coughing fits for several months. It is was it is and I’m happy with the results. I could have been better, but I had a great time with my friends. Not disappointed at all.

After the race, I had a burrito with Rob, Jacui, and Bob. We took the shuttle to the Transition. And then rode my bike it back to the hotel. I took a nice warm shower and then went over to Alvin’s rental house for the after party. NEXT POST…

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Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.03.14 AMScreen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.03.26 AMScreen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.03.51 AMScreen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.02.49 AM

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.03.39 AM

Race Report – Surf City Half Marathon

13.1 miles, Huntington Beach. Surf City Half Marathon.

Club met for a carpool in the Sprinter Van at 4:45am, which gave us plenty of time to chill at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, with palatial potties, and plenty of room to stretch. We stopped by the Pasadena Pacer’s tent and said hi to our friends at PP. The race started at 7:45am, with 15,000 other runners. Sunny and cool, then quickly warmed up to sunny and warm. Paul and Lynda podium’d with 2nd and 3rd in their AGs. Other great times were had by all. Helena and Caroline ran the 5k with the kids. Good times.

Peter: 1:29

Bjoern: 1:35

Ryan: 1:37

Alvin: 1:46

Sven: 1:48

Steve: 1:51

Kirk: 1:54

Bob: 2:02

Daryl: 2:02

Lynda: 2:03

Joe: 2:27

MarkG: 2:32

Helena (5k): 25:39

Caroline (5k): 33:50

IMG_8935IMG_8923IMG_8929IMG_8938IMG_8939Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 7.13.30 PM

Race Report – Pasadena Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:30 time

Start time for race was 7am. Sunrise was 6:55am. So, it was the zero dark early when we arrived and met at the Rose Bowl. Thermometer on the car read 41F, which is cold for LA. The Pasadena Half Marathon is produced by the same folks that put on the LA Marathon, so they advertise a lot. I heard that there were 10,000 runners this morning. That’s a lot of cold runners. The course is iconic. We started in the front of the Rose Bowl and headed south on the Arroyo. Then up California to Old Town Pasadena, along Green, down and back Lake, down and back Wilson at Cal Tech. Then, back through Old Town, across Colorado Bridge, then down to the Arroyo and around the golf course. Finish line is inside the Rose Bowl Stadium at the 50 yd line. For me, this was a tough run. My heart rate was through the roof for the first 2.5 miles (151-174 bpm). I walked a bit on Orange Grove just to get it back to normal. I felt okay from Miles 4-9. The last slough around the Rose Bowl Loop was mental push. After the race, I saw Eddie and MikeO, also Alvin, Monte and other billy goat trail runner friends. Lynda and crew went to the Brookside Clubhouse for breakfast. I hustled home to make it to church on time. Great race.


Pic: RobE, MikeW, Bill, Lynda, Kirk, Steve, Peter, Ryan, and Joe . Not pictured: A bunch of folks: Alvin, Monte, Eddie, MikeO, Gregg, Daryl, Sezin, Graziano, Scott, Tyler, Neal, Matt. Some did the 5k: Bjoern, Sven, Paul.


Tyler: 1:28:03
Scott: 1:28:11
Peter: 1:29
Ryan: 1:37
Monte: 1:41
MattB: 1:41
Graziano: 1:44
MikeO: 1:46
Alvin: 1:47
RobE: 1:52
Kirk: 1:52
Steve: 1:56
RobW: 1:59
Daryl: 2:01
MikeW: 2:02
Lynda: 2:04
Neal: 2:23
Joe: 2:30

IMG_8550IMG_8555Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.28.51 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.29.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.55.35 PM