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Race Report – Surf City Half Marathon

13.1 miles, Huntington Beach. Surf City Half Marathon.

Club met for a carpool in the Sprinter Van at 4:45am, which gave us plenty of time to chill at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, with palatial potties, and plenty of room to stretch. We stopped by the Pasadena Pacer’s tent and said hi to our friends at PP. The race started at 7:45am, with 15,000 other runners. Sunny and cool, then quickly warmed up to sunny and warm. Paul and Lynda podium’d with 2nd and 3rd in their AGs. Other great times were had by all. Helena and Caroline ran the 5k with the kids. Good times.

Peter: 1:29

Bjoern: 1:35

Ryan: 1:37

Alvin: 1:46

Sven: 1:48

Steve: 1:51

Kirk: 1:54

Bob: 2:02

Daryl: 2:02

Lynda: 2:03

Joe: 2:27

MarkG: 2:32

Helena (5k): 25:39

Caroline (5k): 33:50

IMG_8935IMG_8923IMG_8929IMG_8938IMG_8939Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 7.13.30 PM

Race Report – Pasadena Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:30 time

Start time for race was 7am. Sunrise was 6:55am. So, it was the zero dark early when we arrived and met at the Rose Bowl. Thermometer on the car read 41F, which is cold for LA. The Pasadena Half Marathon is produced by the same folks that put on the LA Marathon, so they advertise a lot. I heard that there were 10,000 runners this morning. That’s a lot of cold runners. The course is iconic. We started in the front of the Rose Bowl and headed south on the Arroyo. Then up California to Old Town Pasadena, along Green, down and back Lake, down and back Wilson at Cal Tech. Then, back through Old Town, across Colorado Bridge, then down to the Arroyo and around the golf course. Finish line is inside the Rose Bowl Stadium at the 50 yd line. For me, this was a tough run. My heart rate was through the roof for the first 2.5 miles (151-174 bpm). I walked a bit on Orange Grove just to get it back to normal. I felt okay from Miles 4-9. The last slough around the Rose Bowl Loop was mental push. After the race, I saw Eddie and MikeO, also Alvin, Monte and other billy goat trail runner friends. Lynda and crew went to the Brookside Clubhouse for breakfast. I hustled home to make it to church on time. Great race.


Pic: RobE, MikeW, Bill, Lynda, Kirk, Steve, Peter, Ryan, and Joe . Not pictured: A bunch of folks: Alvin, Monte, Eddie, MikeO, Gregg, Daryl, Sezin, Graziano, Scott, Tyler, Neal, Matt. Some did the 5k: Bjoern, Sven, Paul.


Tyler: 1:28:03
Scott: 1:28:11
Peter: 1:29
Ryan: 1:37
Monte: 1:41
MattB: 1:41
Graziano: 1:44
MikeO: 1:46
Alvin: 1:47
RobE: 1:52
Kirk: 1:52
Steve: 1:56
RobW: 1:59
Daryl: 2:01
MikeW: 2:02
Lynda: 2:04
Neal: 2:23
Joe: 2:30

IMG_8550IMG_8555Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.28.51 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.29.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 5.55.35 PM

Ride Report – Resolution Ride. Happy New Year. Every Mountain. Pizza and coffee. Arbor Challenge.

39.4 miles, 3:41 moving time, 5,249 ft elevation

PTC’s first ride of 2018. The Resolution Ride. Improved. Climb every mountain in Pasadena, La Canada, Glendale. Great turn out on a mild day. It was perfect ride day.  Not cold; not hot. We started at Jones Coffee in Pasadena. We rode east through Pasadena and then turned north and it was all up, up and up. Top of Lake. CHANEY TRAIL!!! Whew. Descanso Garden regroup. A Group went up the Hwy 2 for bonus time. Hampstead. SUGAR LOAF!!! Emerald Isle (new addition to Resolution Ride this year). St. Augustine. Glen Oaks. Arbor Challenge: 2x for baseline, then incentivized $5 starbucks for each time after that. Tyler, Bjoern, Sven, Lynda, Gregg, GT were all winner (might be more, i lost track). Club bought Pizza and Coffee afterwards. Wives and kids met some of the riders and shared in the pizza party. Well Done on a great climbing day!

Blake, Jonathan, Alvin, Peter, Bjoern, George, Sven, Jerrit, Mike, Ryan, Lynda, Emfrey, Susan, Rudy, GT, Gregg, Bob, Bill, Deanna, Steve, Haroon, Julie, Johnna, Tyler, Joe.


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Ride Report – Back Side of GMR

38.0 miles, 3,918 ft elevation, 3:03 moving time

On a crisp December morning, the club rode up the backside of GMR. Starting from Sierra Madre, the club picked up a large crew from Encanto Park Duarte, including me. GT changed a flat at the parks while the C group (Haroon) and B group got a head start. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail bike path into stiff cold head winds. A Group caught us by the first bridge. The dams were still filled with water, but the air is cold and dry. We’re lucky no brush fires are in our area. We rode to East Fork and turned right over the bridge. We re-grouped at the Cafe. The gate closed the Glendora Mountain Road (GMR) to cars. It made for a nice quiet ride. There were several rock slide areas which would have been hazardous if we descended down the backside. The scenery was awesome, we ride in and out of the shade. Although the sun was out, it didn’t warm up much and the descent down the front side of GMR was quite chilly. The gate on the front side was also closed to vehicular traffic. Great day for a ride.

Lynda, Bill, Bjoern, George, Sven, Peter, Hank, Bob, Gregg, Jonathan, Rudy, GT, Jerrit, Tyler, Tiffany, Deanna, Haroon, Julie, and Joe.


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Race Report – Holiday Half Marathon Pomona

13.5 miles, 2:27 time elapsed

On a chilly morning, we raced the Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona Fair grounds. Once the sun came up, it warmed up just enough. This race is all rollers, up and down. There are some big hills too. And it finished with a couple miles of flat. The fun part of the race is all the people dressed up for Christmas. This race has the best medals, which are snowflake designs. A special bonus this year, they gave out soft fuzzy hats. Awesome. I felt pretty good from miles 1 to 6. I walked a little of each to the last few miles.



Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.58.46 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.59.41 PM

Ride Report – River Trails

36.7 miles, 2:09 moving time, 1,240 ft elevation

In the crisp morning air, we met at Sierra Madre. We picked up a few more in Encanto Park in Duarte, by which time it had warmed up just enough for a comfortable ride. We rode down the San Gabriel River Trail to Whitter, then crossed over to the Upper Rio Hondo Trail back to Arcadia. Peter, Sven, and Bjoern got extra credit down the Lower Rio Hondo Trail to the Bridge. We had a nice cup of iced coffee back at Starbucks. Some of the folks who are running tomorrow at the Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona, were saving their legs. It was great to see Michael, Haroon and Johnna back!

Rob, Sven, Bjoern, Lynda, Michael, Peter, GT, Bill, Kirk, Joe. Picked up at Encanto Park: Johnna, Haroon, MikeW.


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