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Race Report – Surf City Half Marathon

PTC ran hard on a stormy SoCal morning at the Surf City Half Marathon. The Sprinter van left Eagle Rock at Zero Dark 5am. We chilled and warmed up downstairs in the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. Although it was raining in LA county, it lightened up in the OC. Peter started early for the full Marathon at 6:30am. The rest of us started around 7:45am. The sun was peaking through at the start. But, we were running straight toward the brooding dark cloud. By mile 3, it started sprinkling. The main route along Pacific Coast Highway was cold and windy. The last stretch is an 8 mile run back to the finish line. We picked up our gear check and then went to Lazy Dog Cafe for a nice big beer and lunch. Gregg drove us home through the rain. Then, we all scooted off to Super Bowl parties. Here’s the results.

Tyler Long 1:24:03
Ryan 1:34:54
Bjoern + Amilia Helfer. Stroller Division! 1:38:19
Sven + Cornelius Nolte. Stroller Division! 1:38:20
Stephen  Lis 1:43:24
Alvin Hom 1:43:40
Danny K 1:47:59
Leanne 1:48:58
GT 1:49:43
Helena Helfer 1:57:16
Aren Keshishian 1:59:05
Lynda 2:06:05
Caroline Nolte 2:23:05
Joe 2:26:10
Nathan Danielsen 2:26:25
James Lee 2:26:35
Peter Day (full) 3:24:58
Tiffany Birkett (full) 3:46:56
Bill DNS
Mark Gibbs DNS
Ben Vanmarcke DNS
Rudy Quintero DNS
Daryl Chol DNS
Neal Genda DNS


Race Report – Pasadena Half Marathon

Pasadena Half Marathon Race Report

First big club race of 2019. Super well attended – 34 racers. PTC had a great crew show up and everybody raced really hard. Awesome facility warm up at Rose Bowl Locker Room thanks to the Pasadena Pacers, our friendly, cross-over, home-town buddies. THANK YOU, Pacers. Perfect weather. Finish line on the 50 yd line inside the stadium. Got an alumni pic with Joe and Joe Bruin. Breakfast at Brookside Country Club afterwards. Awesome day. Well Done. Here are the finishing the times. Impressive! This is the first leg of the February Fecta. See you at #2, Surf City Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday (both AFC and NFC championship game were doozies today. OT in both. what?!)

Tyler Long 1:22:11
Scott Chaney 1:22:11
Blake 1:32
Ryan 1:33
Rudy Quintero 1:34
Bjoern Helfer 1:34
Sven Nolte 1:36
Marco Beghin 1:39
Mark Schmidt 1:41
Theo van Joolen 1:42
Graz Casale 1:43
Alvin Hom 1:45
Mike Owen 1:48
Leanne Lowden 1:49
Yo Oshima 1:50
BarryMan 1:51
Carrie Holzman-Little 1:53
Emilio Campos 1:56
Kirk Cassidy 1:57
Helena Helfer 1:57
Justin Bird 1:58
Daryl Chol 2:04
Paul Maurin 2:06
Lynda 2:07
mike wade 2:08
Julie 2:13
GT 2:13
Joe 2:31
Neal Genda 2:44
Amilia H. (kids run)
Trevor (5k)
Nicole (5k)

Trevor, Alvin, Gregg, Lynda, Tyler, Danny, Rudy, Arden, Helena, Sven, Bjoern, Joe, Graz, Paul, Leanne, Blake, Mike, Daryl, Carrie, Marco, Julie, Christina.

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Body Economics Running Workshop

On a cold wintry morning, Marco led 8 PTCers through Body Economics Running Workshop. The workshop was engaging and fun. I helped out as a friendly “fly on the wall”, while the Club members got to learn about anatomy, physiology, running, breathing, cadence, and thinking. I won’t spoil all the fun, but Marco sure was a great instructor (Here for more on Marco). Link to his Body Economics Movement here. His program is usually a one – on – one course, but Marco put together this special small group program for 8 PTC members only. [When we promoted the event, it sold out over night. Then we added another 8 person workshop for next week. That one sold out in under 24 hrs too.] There were tons of tips and tricks and body awareness advise for the participants during the 2 hr workshop. There was a video session for each running,  before and after. Everyone could see what was going on before, and the improvement that happened just after the short time working out. Then, they all went out for a 30 min. run, mixed in with one-on-one time with Marco. Marco also brought a friend Costa, who also took pics and vids. If you missed it, you should ask the lucky bunnies that got to go. It was really fun, and made a lot of sense.

Thanks to Marco for putting on a great workshop. Super great value to the Club!

Marco, Costa, Bjoern, Leanne, Lisa, Carrie, Amy, Cali, Nathan, Paul.




PTC Holiday Party – 2018

Fun Times at PTC Holiday party.

Recognized 1st sprint triathlon, 1st Olympic, 1st IM 70.3, 1st Full IM. PTC Poker chips.

Recognized PTC Board: Joe (President), Lynda (Training Director, Treasurer), Alvin (Race Director), GT (Membership Director), Bob (Sponsorship), and Todd (Secretary)

Thanks to Steve for Centerpiece / Heinekin. Sue for PTC Sunglasses and cup cakes. GT: Slideshow. Julie and Amy: Raffle Leaders, hostesses. Bob: Raffle prizes.





Thank you to our awesome Sponsor for donations:

VELO Pasadena, Run with Us, Performance Bike, Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, ROKA, Xterra, Steve Mackel, Around the Cycle, Budget Pro Bikes, TriEvents,

and Members: Yo Oshiya, George Yu, Lisa Acosta, Gary Purtee

Raffle winners.


Rose Bowl Aquatic: Free Month Swim Membership


From George’s new company!


Race Registration: Legends Olympic Tri 2019


ROKA 5x $50 Gift Cards


PTC Slideshow 2018 – Year in Review

Here’s a reminder all the fun we had this year. Thanks to GT for pulling together all the photos. If you’re not in here, you should send in your finisher pictures next year for sure.

Ride Report – GMR – Mt. Baldy

48.17 miles, 3:25:55 moving time, 3,881 ft elevation gain

We club met on a cool Saturday morning in Sierra Madre. We rode across to Encanto Park and picked up a few more in Duarte. We rode up the San Gabriel River Trail just a bit then turned off and rode across Sierra Madre to Glendora Mountain Road. Whew. Tired just getting to the bottom of the mountain. The gate was closed to vehicular traffic, which was really nice and quiet. Air quality was okay. We lucked out that all the wildfire smoke was blowing away from us. We rode up the big GMR grade and re-grouped at the top. I had time constraints today and flipped it at the top. Turns out I wasn’t along in the flip. The rest of the group continued on to Mt. Baldy. Bjoern shared pics of the local scorpion and the beautiful scenery at Mt. Baldy. Well Done. [PS. GO BRUINS!]