Welcome to the Pasadena Triathlon Club!

We’re glad you joined us! Here’s some tips about the Club. Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

Race Spreadsheet: Link to spreadsheet. Click here.

  • The Race Spreadsheet is a google doc that has all the events that members are registered for.
  • You can add your name, after you have registered for the event.
  • You can see who else is going.
  • Van pools are arranged on the spreadsheet too.
  • All members with link can edit the spreadsheet. So, with privileges comes responsibility. Be careful.
  • PTC Discount codes are posted on the spreadsheet under each event, as available. Don’t share with anyone outside club.

Email to the Whole Club

  • You can email the whole club by sending a message to ptc@racereach.com
  • Guidelines: No spam. Be nice. Make it relevant to the whole club.
  • Warning: It goes to all club members, so be courteous.

PTC on Facebook

  • PTC has an open PTC Facebook page. Click here.
  • You can post pictures of your races and your workouts. Please share with the club.
  • Some members use FB and some do not.
  • If you do not want your face on Facebook, please email the President@pasadenatriclub.com. He/she has access to the FB page and can take down any pictures.
  • Please warn the club if you need to stay invisible. We like to take pictures of our events and workouts.

PTC on Strava.com

Club Activities

  • Come out to every and all activities. You’re always welcome. If you don’t know what to expect, email info@pasadenatriclub.com and a friendly PTC member will get you up to speed.
  • Rides are self-sufficient. Carry tools and repairs to get yourself home.

Saturday Rides

  • The Saturday Ride is PTC’s premier event.
  • Prioritize your time and make every effort to join the ride.
  • You’ll meet the most members, and spend a lot of time with us.
  • You’ll learn new routes. Click here for some of the main routes.
  • You’ll learn all the roadie ettiequte.


Coaching and the Club

  • PTC is a volunteer organization. All the ride leaders and board members are volunteers.
  • PTC doesn’t offer any formal coaching. Members helps out other members by osmosis.
  • Feel free to ask anyone questions you have. Think of it as peer friendly.
  • There are coaches amongst our membership, just ask around. The coaches offer a variety of services, at a various price points. But, this is outside the Club. Check out our sponsorship page for some coaches.